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Gum Line Modification


“An excessive amount of gum tissue showing often can make even straight, white teeth appear less attractive, and can detract from a pleasant smile.”

Beautiful teeth are framed by healthy beautiful gums. Often times just like our teeth may be mal-positioned, so may our gums. This may result in a slightly less attractive smile. Gum Recontouring can correct these discrepancies creating a gorgeous, youthful smile.

Since beauty, and in particular, a beautiful smile is all about proportion, you can not overlook your gums when addressing your smile.

One common problem is asymmetrical gum tissue, where the gum tissue is lower on one tooth than it is on the other. This creates the illusion that one tooth is longer than the other.


Then there’s the “GUMMY SMILE” where gums are actually covering parts of the teeth that should be exposed, making the teeth appear too short. Sometimes genetics may be to blame, or improper oral hygiene when braces were worn.


Both of these problems can be corrected through a procedure called gum line modification. Gum line modification is a simple procedure that takes just minutes. With our New Sirona Laser Dr. Grafman artfully sculpts the tissue to the desired position. This procedure is easy, pain free and requires no recovery time. There are no stitches and no discomfort. You can even do it during your lunch hour and return to work.


Before  GumModification-Before-01.jpg   GumModification-Before-02.jpg

     After  GumModification-After-01.jpg   GumModification-After-02.jpg

So if you feel your teeth are too short, or your smile has a gummy appearance, give us a call and see what gum line modification can do for you.

Massapequa Dentist | Gum Line Modification. Naum Grafman is a Massapequa Dentist.